Umoja Dance Company


Payment Options:

  • Zelle / CashApp / Credit Card Debit Card / Cash / Money Order
  • Online – (debit card no charge) Payment via email:
  • Mobile App – Cash App (no charge with debit card / 3% credit card fee) Payment name: $umojanitya

Spring 2021 Studio schedule

All classes are taught via Zoom and in person. Class link to join class will be sent the day before class.

How to Access Zoom TUTORIALS

Waiver / Release

  1. The participant agrees and understands that Umoja Dance Company carries insurance covering its legal liability. The participant accepts all risks of participating in a dance class. The participant will not make a claim against or sue the Umoja Dance Company or any of its officers or employees for injury or damage resulting from participation in the class. It is mutually agreed upon that the participant is considered to be in good condition to participate in the class.
  2. The participant gives full permission for Umoja Dance Studio to use pictures or video from class and/or performances for advertising purposes. The participant understands that his/her name will not be used.
  3. The participant has read the "Welcome Letter" and "Online Class Etiquette Letter" which includes Studio Policies and Student/Parent Rules. The participant will adhere to the rules otherwise will face dismissal from the studio.
  4. The participant understands: NO REFUNDS and NO EXCHANGES.
  5. The participant understands Registration Fees are due at the time this form is completed.
  6. The participant has read the Tuition Rates & Payment Information sheet and agrees to comply with its policies. The participant understands that tuition is due on the first class of every month and that a $20 late Fee will be applied to any delinquent payments Tuition is required every month regardless of attendance. Monthly tuition may not be skipped because of non -attendance. NO EXCEPTION.


  • Tuition is due the 1st class of the month. Please plan accordingly.
  • Payment must be received by 11:59pm or the late fee will be applied. Students will not be allowed to participate in class if payment has not be made NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Please be prepared to pay a $ 20.00 late fee if you pay the 2nd class of the month.
  • All payments are non-refundable, non-transferable and no extensions granted.
  • Tuition is required every month regardless of attendance. Monthly tuition may not be skipped because of non -attendance. Excessive absences may result in dismissal.
  • Tuition is not based on the number of classes in a month. There maybe 3, 4 or 5 classes in a month as each month may vary with holidays.